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  • I do have the right to accept / decline commission .

  • I will publish / upload the commission pic on my website and give the HQ Image via email.

  • You can ask for a WIP at any point.

  • WIP = Work in progress.

  • Refunds can be granted if under a week period.

  • If you're interested in commissioning me, email me.

  • If you have any question about my commission, please email me .

  • I do accepting only paypal payment ( US Dollar through Ko-Fi ).

  • I will send off three initial ideas to start off. From there you (commissioner) will choose whichever design is close or is the closest to what you would like.

  • All payments are final after customer confirmation of the concept design.

  • If you commissioned me as a gift and want to give me deadline PLEASE at least email me 1 month before the deadline .

  • All payments will be made through Ko-Fi.


  • I DO have the right to publish my art on any website that I want ( expect if you request for a private commission ) 

  • You (Commissioner) have the right to use your commissioned work for both personal and commercial use.

  • Others besides you (Commissioner) and me (Designer) DO NOT have the rights to post your commissioned work unless you allow it

Basic Terms and service for Graphical Designs

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