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Commission Terms and Service
Digital Art/twitch

  • I do have the right to accept/decline commission.

  • I will publish/upload the commission pic on either Pixiv/Discord/Website and give the HQ Image via note /e-mail.

  • You can ask for a WIP at any point.

  • Refunds are only available within the sketch phase of the drawing.

  • If you have any questions about my commission please dm on any social media or email.

  • I do accept only PayPal payment ( US Dollar through Ko-fi ).

  • I will start the Commission after you (commissioners) approval on the base Sketch WIP. 

  • If you commissioned me as a gift and want to give me deadline PLEASE at least note/email me 1 month before the deadline.

  • If I make any mistakes or forget a detail with your commission, please let me know.

  • All payments will be made through Ko-Fi.

  • For commercial uses, please contact me for more details.

  • All payments are final after the sketching phase!

Copyright for Personal Use

  • I DO have the right to publish my art on any website that I want ( except if you ask for private commission).

  • I will credit back your character when I publish it on DA / other websites.

  • You ( as the commissioner ) DO have the right to publish/upload your commissioned art from me to any website ( credit is needed).

  • You ( as the commissioner ) DO have the right to edit/render the piece that you bought from me .

  • You ( as the commissioner ) DON'T have any right to use your commissioned art as commercial use ( except if you've paid the commercial fee).

  • Other people beside you ( as the commissioner ) and I DON'T have any right to publish/upload my art to another website, except if you have my / the commissioner permission. 

I will do :

  • OC's (Male/Female/Child or old)

  • Characters from Books/Anime/Movies/etc.

  • Pokemon / Animals 

I will not do :

  • NSFW

  • Blood 

  • Gore

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